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The RoadRunner

By Spotters Aerial Ag



Pickup box tendering system

The Road Runner is a fast and easy-to-use tendering system designed by a drone operator for drone operators.
The Road Runner easily slides into the box of any full-sized pickup and carries everything needed to
spray for the day. With very little setup/tear-down time and a mobile workstation for shorter ferrying the Road Runner will help you increase the efficiency and profitability
of your drone as well as help you enjoy your time spraying. The Roadrunner also comes equipped with a 4’x4’ elevated line of sight platform for the
operator and a workstation for your ground crew to make the Road Runner a perfect tendering solution for both large and small operations.


The Specs

  • Champion 15000 Generator

  • MP Pumps FMX 100

    • Stainless Steal centrifugal ​

  • ·Weatherguard 18x18x48 toolbox

  • 200 gal mix tank

  • 15 gal aux tank

  • 25 gal fresh water tank

  • T Jet adgitator

· Dimensions
Base 52.5”x48”
Height 48”

Wings 52.5”x84”
· Dry Weight 1140 lbs
· Finish Black Powder coat


The Features

  • Shorter Set up and Tear Down 

  • Onboard fresh water 

  • Easy loading and Unloading

  • Faster Ground Time

  • 25 second fill

  • Shorter Set up and Tear Down 

  • 200 gal mix tank

  • 15 gal auxiliary tank

  • Constant agitation

  • Lockable battery box

  • 50 ft 1" green hornet hose

  • Banjo quick connect fill

Become a RoadRunner and order the rig today

Roadrunner  (3).jpg
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