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Spotters Services

We focused on one thing, Improving the performance and profitability of your pastures through custom chemical application!

Aerial Application

With our fleet of DJI Agras T30s and T40s we specialize in covering large acres of difficult pasture and rangeland applications for noxious and invasive weeds.  

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Benefits of drone application

  • Precision

    • Consistent application even in difficult terrain

    • No wasted chemical

  • Accessibility

    • Can spray virtually anywhere​

    • 15-40 acres per hour depending on terrain

  • Coverage
    • Consistant even coverage over 20 ft swath​
    • Prop wash coats entire leaf for higher efficacy
  • Safety
    • Pilots can navigate difficult terrain safely from a distance ​
  • Data


      Easy year to year tracking of problem areas  


The RoadRunner

The RoadRunner has been designed from the ground up by an applicator for applicators to increase the efficiency and proffitibuility of your operation... You can learn more by going to our Road Runner Page


Increase the profitability of your operation and order a Roadrunner today

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