Pickup Box Tender





When time is money, the need for a qualified, trusted & proven spray tender set-up is VITAL! The Roadrunner has it. All in the bed of your pickup!

Easy set-up

Easily slides into the box of and full-sized pickup and carries everything needed for private and commercial applications.



Simple, yet efficient tool to increase productivity and accessibility for large and small applicating operations.



The Roadrunner comes equipped with a 4’x4′ elevated platform for the pilot in command, as well as an intuitive workstation for the ground crew.



  • Side tool box for battery charging and storage
  • Steel base with fork pockets for fast loading and unloading
  • Large generator platform
  • Stainless Steel 55 GPM pump set for aggressive agitation
  • 200 gallon mix tank with sump
  • 15 gallon aux cone tank for small batches and/or product storage
  • 25 gallon fresh water tank with 3.5 GPM pump allowing easy and quick clean-up
  • 4’x4′ elevated platform for easy line-of-sight

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