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Aerial Spray Application

Row Crop? Pasture? Orchards? Rough/rugged terrain? 

We have a solution for you! Here at Spotters Aerial Ag we have a fleet of spray drones ready to work for your operation. The versatility accessed by the drone spraying technology in next to none. Ask us how we can bring an innovative, simple solution to your farming operation!

Aerial Dry Spreading

With the access of spreading a dry product by aerial method, the cover crop, seeding, and fertilizer capabilities have been taken to new heights! With the ability to get the dry product applied in the small window when it is most important, and the quality of getting an even spread through the crop canopy. 


Spray drones are not only an asset for the custom applicator but also to the farmer/rancher as well! With a spray drone on your operation, the door to so many new and advanced opportunities will open. Ask us today which drone makes sense for your farm or ranch! 

Drone application provides a benefit to not only the applicator but the crop grower as well. For the applicator safety, precision, versatility, etc….are all advantages from the drone. Many advantages come to the crop grower as well, including precise spray/seeding applications, timely(muddy, or not), phenomenal crop coverage due to the prop wash air movement created by the drone propellers.

MANY OPTIONS!! From spraying any row crop, pastures, orchards, fence lines, rough terrain, and the list continues. There is also a dry spreading feature as well! Re-seeding, cover crop, dry fertilizer spreading can all be taken to new levels of efficiency with the drone technology.

Drone applicators often are in the same price range as the other aerial application methods. Most cases ranging anywhere between $10 – $18 per acre. Specialty applications require a specific quote

Depending on the size of spray drone, the efficiency factor is very competitive. The smaller spray drones on the market are doing roughly 20-30 acres an hour, whereas the latest models of drones are getting 40-65 acres an hour. That can equate to being able to spray 500 acres in one day!!

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